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16 May

Distant but here
I hear the happy sounds Continue reading


8 Apr

Just beneath the skin
Cold razor slides along Continue reading


26 Feb

They howl
As they circle the house Continue reading


16 Jul

Featureless sky,
Darkness encroaching
Out from under the trees,
Sit amongst the noisy quiet
Letting the moments pass by,
Sand in an hourglass
I waste each grain,
Waiting for you
To return.


30 May

Rise and fall
Rhythmic sway
Side to side
Listening to the rain’s
Pitter and Pat
As the people
Stagger to and fro


29 Apr

The cold and wet
Rolls in
Anesthesing reality
Leaving naught but
Slowly filling
My mind.


8 Apr

The death head owl
Looks back over it’s shoulder
At me,
Questioning my intrusion
Into it’s space,
An area I created
Within the landscape,
Imagination at work
Then off to the next

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