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5 May

Look at the world
Through a haze, Continue reading


15 Mar

A rheumy inhalation
And the dragon breathes, Continue reading


15 Mar

Sitting before the fire,
Watching the smoke Continue reading


11 Mar

Earthy, sticky scent
Tickling your nose, Continue reading


7 Nov

Dragons soar
Up towards the light
Drift and dart
With the wind,
Cloud like
They soon disappear
Vanishing into the mists
That created them


14 Sep

Bacchanalian masks
Chatter and eat,
Cannibalistic feeding frenzy
Painted on the walls,
Chaotic spatters
Showing a vision of


14 Sep

Reality bends to the left
As the edges swim away,
Getting lost in the desert
Rhythmic ringing
White noise
Underlying all,
Seeing the vibrations
Between the spheres
Just a moment,
And with a

It’s gone.

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